Boogie Bag - 25 Golden Tiger Samples

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Golden Tiger Pain Relief Cream is a fast-acting, deep-penetrating, natural pain relief cream that is easy to use, even on the go. Our proprietary formula remains non-greasy, effective, and undamaged through all kinds of weather, hot or cold. Our Boogie Bag with 25 Travel Packets are the perfect addition to any sports bag, purse, glove box, tool kit, or back pack. Keep a handful with you wherever you go, for easy, on-the-fly use.

Keep our American-made, natural botanical formula with you at all times. Recommended uses: Arthritis, massage, bursitis, neck aches, headaches, cramps, backaches, bruises, muscle strains and sprains, fibromyalgia, muscle soreness, joint pain, sports injuries, and tendonitis.
Boogie Bag - 25 Golden Tiger Samples