Golden Tiger Cucumber Lotion


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Golden Tiger’s Select Series Body Moisturizer Lotion 16oz Pump.

Enriched with Green Tea, Vitamin E, & Cucumber.

Golden Tiger, maker of the award winning Pain Relief Lotion and other spa products, has now introduced a luxurious herbal based body lotion designed to treat your skin the way it was meant to be treated.  The Golden Tiger Body Moisturizer is formulated from the finest all-natural oils, aloe and vitamin E, and features a nourishing blend of cucumber, green tea, and grape seed extract to promote healthier and more revitalized skin.  Apply the lotion anytime of day or even after soaking in Golden Tigers Therapeutic Sea Soak and feel what it is like to have softer, more subtle skin.  Safe for sensitive skin, the Body Lotion, like all of Golden Tiger’s Spa Therapy Products, helps you feel refreshed and more alive.